How to mine STRAKS through a mining pool with your Nvidia GPU

How to mine STRAKS through a mining pool with your Nvidia GPU

Due to the attention and awareness STRAKS has received early on, attempting to solomine the currency will not yield much success. This guide focuses only on how to mine with your AMD GPUs.

1 - Install your GPU drivers

Duh! But you’d be surprised how many actually get that wrong and end up having issues as a result.

2 - Download the STRAKS qt-wallet

The wallet is where your coins will be stored.

Download the STRAKS Wallet here

Once you have it downloaded, extract this some place convenient for you. I keep it on a folder on my desktop so I can easily find my digital currency wallets (aka cryptocurrency).

For you to now receive your coins, you will need to find your wallet address. Open the straks-qt wallet that you just downloaded and wait for it to sync (this can take some time depending on when you start the wallet, as it needs to download the blockchain).

Now that the client is open, click on the highlighted “Receiving addresses…” area within the client. Proceed to right click the address on the right hand side and press “Copy Address”.

You won’t need this quite yet, but now you know how to find it for later. It is the most crucial step because without it, you will not get the coins you are mining.

STRAKS qt client address section

3 - Download your mining software

Click here to download the ccminer software for mining STRAKS with your Nvidia GPU card(s).

4 - Select a STRAKS mining pool

To be able to mine the coins, you need to connect it up to a mining pool. Below is a list of available mining pools, but to make it easy I have highlighted one that I recommend, which I will also base this mining guide on.

5 - Set up your ccminer software for STRAKS

You will need to follow this step by step guide. The bat file is a file that executes and runs your mining software for you with some predefined settings. This directs you towards the mining pool for STRAKS that you will be part of and the account the mining will go into. Make sure you follow this precisely!

Find the location on your HardDrive where you have extracted your Mining software to. Go ahead and right click inside that folder (anywhere with white space) and then click on Text Document, name this “STRAKS” for now.

Open this newly created document, and insert the code here below:

ccminer-x64-75 -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE -p x --cpu-priority=3 pause

STRAKS Mining Nvidia Bat File

-u stands for username -p stands for password

Go ahead and change YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE to the wallet address (see step 2 in this guide). Leave -p (password) empty or just write x (makes no difference - it is not needed). Click File and “Save as…” make sure you change the file type setting to “All Files” and then name the file STRAKS.bat

6 - You are now ready to start mining!

Simply double click the bat file STRAKS.bat you created and you should start to see it mining – it will be accepting shares.


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