Changing your data directory on Windows

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Why Change Your Data Directory?

Changing the default data directory is something that benefits those that are interested in keeping their Straks data contained in one directory or on a different drive.

Instead of having the Straks applications in one location and the blockdata and configuration in another (e.g., the default application data location being %APPDATA%\Straks), you can instead choose to configure the QT wallet to use a different path as its data directory.

Things to keep in Mind

Changing the data directory does not mean moving the data directory.

If the goal is to migrate/move Straks application data to a new directory, create the new directory first, copy the contents of %APPDATA%\Straks to the new directory, and then proceed with this guide.

Launching the shortcut without first populating the contents of the new data directory is the same as launching Straks for the first time: a new wallet file will be created, the default config will be used, and blockchain data will be downloaded starting from the Genesis Block.

How to Change Your Data Directory

The data directory option must be passed each time straks-qt is launched. To facilitate this, we will create a shortcut to the wallet which will always launch the wallet with the data directory option.

In this example, the Straks applications are stored in E:\crypto\straks\straks- The application data will be stored in E:\crypto\straks\data\. This folder must exist before executing the shortcut.

  1. Create a shortcut to straks-qt.exe

  2. Right-click the shortcut and click Properties

  3. Append the -datadir option to the Target. The format for the option is as follows: -datadir=<somedir>.

After clicking OK, the shortcut is now ready to be launched.

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